The British in Westphalia – Encounters - Relations - History 1945-2020

Exhibition “The British in Westphalia"

Liberators, occupiers, allies, and what else? The exhibition The British in Westphalia depicts the impact of the British occupation and the troop deployment on the people and the region. It was presented at the Paderborn Stadtmuseum from 21 October 2017 to 28 February 2018.
An array of topics are covered, ranging from the democratisation of the region to the first German-British marriages, mutual marksman’s festivals, exchange programmes, pub brawls and the civilian conversion of the barracks complex. In addition, glimpses of life in the British barracks and married quarters offer insight into how the soldiers and families lived and what it meant to be stationed in Westphalia. Presented are objects from military life, but also personal photographs, objects and documents, private and official film material, and interviews with Germans and Britons.

The Exhibition is in German and English.

A smaller travelling version of the exhibition by the LWL-Museumsamt für Westfalen will subsequently tour to various cities in the region from April 2018 to September 2019.

More about the exhibition and the touring exhibition: Ausstellung.

Virtual tour through the Paderborn exhibition: Virtueller Rundgang

Curator: Dr. Bettina Blum



Britfest Schloss Neuhaus 2014. Martin Parr/MagnumFotos